About us


Aldapa (UPV/EHU): Algorithms, Data mining and Paralelism

Aldapa logoThe ALDAPA (ALgorithms, DAta mining and PArallelism) research group focuses on the area of data mining (machine learning, comprehensible classifiers, class imbalance, behaviour modelling, web mining) and on searching for efficient solutions for complex problems (high performance computing, GP-GPU, multithreading, MPI). The group is also applying its experience in automatic modelling to the area of eAdministration (eServices, eGovernment) and has started working in the area of Physiological Computing (stress states detection, brain-computer interfaces).

Egokituz (UPV/EHU): Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction for Special Needs

Egokituz logo EGOKITUZ was created with the aim of applying the new technologies of information and communication to solve communication and mobility problems of people with disabilities to contribute to improving personal autonomy and social and labor integration.  EGOKITUZ has generated software and hardware support for direct and remote interpersonal communication, environmental control, mobility and assisted manipulation, etc. On the other hand, it has developed human-computer interfaces adapted to enable access to ubiquitous environments. EGOKITUZ has developed methodologies, tools and metrics for automatic evaluation and quantitative measurement of Web accessibility.

LaBDA (UC3M): Advanced Databases Group

 LaBDA logoThe Advanced Databases Group, LABDA, is composed by a multidisciplinary team of PhDs and professionals in the field of information technologies.  We participate in R & D projects related to human language technologies, information retrieval and extraction in several application domains, question answering systems, usability and accessibility of user interfaces. We work in close collaboration with a great number of companies. The group is part of MAVIR consortium, a research network co- funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and the European Social Fund.

Entities involved

LoUISE (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha)

KING (Quality Institute of the Dutch Municipalities)

HCIM (Universidade de Lisboa)

IZFE S.A. (Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa)